Striving to serve competitive excellence and professionalism to our clients

with our Dynamic Position auditors and ship brokering team.

About Us

Xing Wei Pte Ltd is a marine and offshore engineering consultancy firm headquartered in Singapore. Since our establishment in 2010, we have specialised in Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems and Ship Brokerage.

Connecting leaders worldwide, our strong network of shipowners and shipyards trust our professionalism and expertise in the commercial and technical aspects of the market, and have confidence in fulfilling their needs and desires with us.

Your trusted marine service provider, Xing Wei.

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Award and Certification

Xing Wei ensures that the quality of our services is up to the latest industry standard and strive to maintain the confidence you have in us. We want you to know that your trust in us is backed up by several reputable accreditations and you can be assured that we are certified to meet your business needs.


Xing Wei Pte Ltd (Headquarters)

2 Venture Drive, #16-22

Vision Exchange Singapore 608526

Co. Reg. No. 201004431R

Tel:  (65) 6256 6800

Get a quote: (65) 9657 0326

Xing Wei Marine L.L.C.

Abu Dhabi Island, East 0, 25 ~: Building, Mohammed Khalfan Matar Saeed

Tel: (971) 549981934

Get a quote: (86) 188 5269 1943

XW JingJiang Office - 1.png
Shanghai Xing Wei Marine Engineering Co., Ltd

Room 2201, Hengtian Business Plaza, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China

Tel: (86) 188 5269 1943

Get a quote: (86) 188 5269 1943

Houston XW Location.png
XW America Inc. 

16225 Park Ten Place Suite 500, Houston Texas 77084, United States of America

Tel: (1) 713 395 4025

Fax: (1) 713 338 3401

Get a quote: (1) 713 884 7253

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