CHASING M2 PRO is a light industrial underwater ROV designed for both professional users and industrial applications.


Chasing M2 Pro is your portable, easy to use and reliable light industrial underwater ROV.

Here’s why:

• Works with many exclusive accessories

• Stronger and more powerful motors

• AC & DC Power Supply for Unlimited Battery Life

• 8 Vectored Thrusters layout for OMNI movement in all directions

Comparison to the CHASING M2

• M2 Pro motor has been upgraded by 50%, maximum speed increased from 3 knots to 4 Knots

• Maximum depth increased from 100 meters (328 FT) to 150 meters (490 FT)

• Battery capacity from 1 – 2 hours battery life increased to 2 – 5 hours battery life

• More exclusive accessories to fit the needs of various professional situations



Chasing M2 Pro can be used for various purposes, ranging from underwater search and rescue, scientific exploration, to aquaculture inspection.


CHASING M2 Pro works with both AC and battery power supply, allowing unlimited battery life to be achieved.

• Default 300Wh lithium battery is replaceable

• Optional 700Wh lithium battery can operate up to 5 hours

• Optional AC power supply for unlimited battery life

AC supply.png

UHD + EIS Image Stabilization, F1.8 Aperture

CHASING M2 Pro has a camera specially designed to capture high-quality images underwater.

  • Built-in UHD Video Resolution

  • 12M pixel camera, 1/2.3 SONY CMOS F1.8 Lens

  • EIS stabilization

  • 4000 lumens LED lights