Marine Equipment Trading

Why choose us?

Xing Wei is a privately owned company based in Singapore. Located at the apex of the world's busiest straits, we have branches that extend to the two largest economies in the world. Our goal is to provide a point-to-point procurement service, connecting buyers directly to the manufacturers and local distributors between the two economy giants. No more communication hassle with multi-layer third-party services. No more inefficient cross-party dealership. Xing Wei provides a fully integrated network, connecting interested parties from the commercial powerhouses in the West to the manufacturing giants in the East. Time and cost are paramount to your business and Xing Wei is your one-stop procurement firm to get what you need in time for a competitive price.

Manufacturers and suppliers are the backbone of our business. Xing Wei recognizes the importance of having a good relationship with our esteemed business partners. Have your company listed into our list of equipment suppliers and we will send the right buyers at your way.

Xing Wei has a wide network of marine equipment suppliers and buyers. We have more than 20 years of experience in providing trading services between our clients. If you are interested, do drop us a message and we will get back to you within a day.


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